Friday, April 20, 2007

Going to Grand Island to bowl state tournament this weekend. Bowling reminds me of
my aunts Grace & Katheryn. When I first started bowling in Lyons, Aunt Grace's team
was the best. They were all "older ladies" (probably in their 50's). They did not
wear jeans. They wore skirts and nylons with seams up the back. Occasionally one
of them would have a bra strap slip down their arm and have to pull it back up. One
of my "younger" teammates called them the "straps & seams team." Nothing disrespectful, just something that stood out about them. For a few years after
Katheryn moved back from Colorado, she would ride from Oakland to Lyons with me
to bowl. Bowling was one of the last things she gave up. She stayed with it as
long as she could take the 2 or 3 steps and roll the ball down the alley.
Katheryn is gone now and Aunt Grace has moved to an assisted living facility. She is
about 93 years young and her favorite activity is playing bridge. When her doctor
told her to try to get a little more exercise, she said she would have to move a little faster from one table to the other. Her children and grandchildren are her
pride and joy. She has always follows their lives very closely especially their
sports activities.
Christmas day was always spent at Grace's. She fixed the turkey and everyone brought
something. We always hoped for snow so we could go sleigh riding. If their was no
snow, we might get to ride their horse, Ribbon. Mom might play some carols on the
piano while we all stood around her and sang. No one cared if I couldn't carry a
tune in a bucket. It seems like there might have been some football games on TV
for the men to watch or maybe the adults would play pinocle or some bridge.
Grace and John (or "Smith" as we used to call him) lived on the same farm as long as
I can remember. They moved to a home in Lyons when retiring. Besides farming,
Grandpa and John raised and trained race horses.
Kathryn & Roland lived in Oakland then Omaha and Colorado and back to Oakland.
They had a cafe in beutiful downtown Oakland. Roland worked for Aksarben in Omaha.
I really don't remember what he did in Colorado. Kathryn taught school until she
was unable because of her health.
Aunt Grace is the only one that keeps us from being the Older Generation.


Janell said...

Oops, I meant for this to be on
the Gatewood Blog.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Roland worked at the racetrack in Littleton part of the time.

Myrnagj said...

OK So Janell is still haveing computer problems. I'm not paying close attention today.
It's not raining or snowing yet! to stop me from going to Reno and the Dance Sensation. We do all have our interesting hobbies.

LaDawn said...

You can copy it and paste it to the Gatewood blog and then delete it off of here if you really want t. But I like it being here!

PS I just bought the soundtrack from the film Amazing Grace and it is fantastic. Haven't seen the film yet because it is not on wide release in the UK. It will play at our local art house on 14 June and it is in the diary for us to go see then.