Monday, March 12, 2007

This is not good:

I had some free time Saturday morning, so I headed into Omaha for a haircut. I’ve been attempting to grow it out to a more ladylike length (see Fat Old Man posting January 6, 2007) and it was time to get it trimmed up. Well, I’m not sure what happened, but the stylist didn’t clearly understand what I wanted, (how many different meanings can be applied to “Not quite that short.”?) because when I look in the mirror now I see Tom Bergeron of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ At least he isn’t fat.
I intended to get back into a routine where I take a walk every day, but found some excuse or another not to both Saturday and Sunday as well as today.
We lost an hour Saturday night due to Daylight Savings Time. I heard that the Congressman who decided we should do this two weeks earlier thinks it will save energy, because we won’t have to turn the lights on so early in the evening. We have to turn our’s on earlier in the morning, so as far as I can tell we haven’t gained anything.

This is better:

The weekend weather was pleasant enough; especially compared to the last two. Temps hovering between 30 and 60 F.
We have a creek that crosses our driveway at its lowest point and it was so high and running so fast on Friday afternoon, I took the camera out to record the phenomenon. By Saturday morning, it had fallen to a more normal level, though it is still flowing faster than usual. Almost all the snow is gone, except where it was piled up by the scrapers and loaders.
I’ve heard rumors that robins have been spotted in the area. I haven’t seen any robins, though I did hear a cardinal a few days ago. Our barn swallows aren’t back yet, but I expect them any day now.
The inside out cats are spending more time outside than in the past few days. I don’t mean the cats are inside out – that would be ugly. I mean they are allowed in because they know how to use the litterbox and they are allowed out because we trust them not to run off.
The lot my horses live in is a quagmire, but they don’t seem to mind. They’ve started shedding their winter coats and a roll in the mud must relieve the itching, because they were both absolutely covered with it from nose to tail Friday evening.
We got our tax returns back from H & R Block and everyone is getting a refund. I got the FAFSA onlines filled out for my college students and they both qualify for aid.

This is best:

Our Girl Scout cookies came. Love those Caramel Delights.


LaDawn said...

I demand photos! Your descriptions are so vivd. I conjure up these images in my mind's eye. Wonder how accurate I am?

Janell said...

your demand is my command!
i'll apply my best efforts to comply.