Thursday, March 15, 2007

JW Scare
Wednesday is my day off so I usually spend it doing laundry, beginning first thing in the morning. Sometimes I’ve done two or three loads before I even get out of my jammies and into day clothes. Yesterday was no exception. However, yesterday the weather was breezy and above freezing – perfect for drying the bedding on the clothesline – I love the scent of line-dried sheets and quilts. So the sheets and mattress pad were the second load of the day, and of course I was still in my pajamas.
I love my pajamas. I got them in Nederland, Colorado last summer when I was vacationing with my sisters. My PJs are of soft t-shirt fabric, long pants and a tank top. They are bright pick with brown horses trotting all over them. I have a pair of socks to match, only the socks are brown with pink horses on them. Since the early morning was a bit brisk when it was time to hang my bedding on the line, I grabbed the first jacket I could find; my bright red Nebraska Cornhusker windbreaker. The back yard, where the clothesline is located was only last week under a six-foot snowdrift, so the ground is still a little soggy. I pulled on my manure encrusted barn boots and headed out. The breeze was whipping around my ears, so I pulled up the hood on the windbreaker, finished hanging the sheets and made my way back into the house.
We live down in a little valley on a remote gravel road in Northeast Nebraska. No one ever just stumbles onto our place; you have to come here on purpose or not at all, so I usually don’t’ concern myself with drop-in visitors. As I rounded the corner of the house towards the front door in all my laundry day finery, I came face to face with two Jehovah’s Witnesses. With my hood up, I must have appeared to them as a gaudy red and pink version of the Angel of Death. And let’s not even mention the aroma that must have been emanating from my barn boots.
It’s hard to say who was more startled. They just tried to hand me one of their publications, to which I replied “No, thank you.” Then one of them mumbled something about catching me “at a bad time” and then they scurried back to their car and peeled out.
I don’t think they’ll be back.

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LaDawn said...

I believe it is rude when people you don't know and there isn't an emergency jut drop by. It says to me that they think they are more important than you because they get to set the agenda and take up your time. Glad they left you to your jamjams! I wish I could wear pjs and slippers all day everywhere. Imagine what a fantastic place this would be if we all just wore pjs and slippers.