Monday, March 05, 2007

And speaking of blizzards…

The five most repeated words in the Bible are “And it came to pass…”, in other words, it didn’t come to stay. However, the March 2007 Blizzard managed to stay for three days.
Our gravel road runs east/west and the wind kept it cleared, right down to the gravel, except where there were trees. The north/south county road (a blacktop) was a whole different story. Drifts up to a quarter mile long and up to six feet were quite common. Even when they were cleared by the snow removal equipment, they didn’t stay open for long due the extremely high winds.
All four of us (how in the heck that happened is a miracle) were at home when it started and we just stayed there for four days. Our power was out for about three hours on Thursday morning – YIKES! No TV or sewing machine L.
Every time someone was supposed to report for work somewhere, we’d set out in the four-wheel drive and get turned back at the first drift. We found one stranded lady Saturday morning around 7:30 in a small car. She was buried up to her roof, in the middle of a drift that was about 40 feet long. She had her cell phone with her and her husband was on the way with a tractor to pull her out. She reasoned that she had already missed two days of work and was desperate to get out. She said she had already made it two miles and didn’t realize how deep and solid the snow was until it was too late. She had been there fewer than 15 minutes when we found her, but her tire tracks were already covered over with snow.
We finally made it all the way to town late Saturday morning, but I almost didn’t make it home, because although the snow had stopped, the winds were still keeping the roads drifted shut.
The winds diminished Saturday night and we made it to church Sunday morning and even made it into Omaha for a movie Sunday night.
We have 6-10 foot drifts all over our place and yet in some spots, the ground is bare. I think the snowfall total was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 inches. The temps are staying above freezing now, so the meltdown is well underway.
Now our creek is on the rise. Wish me luck!
The worst of it was – no access to email or blogs!!
It’s so nice to be back in the world again.


LaDawn said...

The weather is a powerful force, not to be messed with. Happy to hear everyone was safe in the bosom of your family home. And really glad you are back online!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a weekend. Out here in the far west we were outdoors without jackets or even sweat shirts.