Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"To everything, there is a season...

It looks like my season as a "cowgirl" has come to an end, due to financial concerns.

The following two horses are now for sale:

Bubba: 17 year old Bay Arabian Gelding. Registered with AHA. Trail horse. Has been on River City Roundup Northeast 7 times. Other rides we've been on several times: Weekend at Bernie's, Petersburg, The Grand Duke Alexis Rendevous. Been many times to Cunningham Lake, Two Rivers Park, Nottleman's at Macy. Does well in parades (unless firecrackers are involved.) Very gentle, good with kids and greenhorns. He is pictured below at left taking my elderly brother for a ride.

Lucy: 8 year old purebred UNREGISTERED Quarterhorse mare. Dark Buckskin. Has had 60 days professional training. Was imprinted at birth. Needs some trail time. I have her sire's bloodline papers for your examination. Lucy is pictured below at right, taking me for a ride.

Both are very good natured, people friendly, stand well for the farrier. Easy to catch, easy to load. Bubba, being Arabian, does not grow a very thick winter coat, so would be better if he can get in out of winter weather.

Prices very negotiable for the right home.

I love these horses.

Below: me on Lucy at left, a small cousin on Bubba at right:

Here we (me and Bubba) are at Petersburg in '08:

Here they are, just hangin' loose. Lucy at left, Bubba right:



Email me if you are interested.


Rachel said...

Oh Janell, how sad that you have to get rid of your horses. What a shame!! They are both beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Janell, I love your Bubba, could you contact me - I can't find your email address!! Mine is

Cliff said...

Good luck with the sale and sorry to hear you have to part but having some experience here, I know you'll be rolling in money very soon.

Jim said...

Oh Janell, I wished I hadn't stumbled onto this. By now your horse friends might be having a new home. I hope it will approach being as good as yours.

Sue said...

So sorry you have to sell your horses. I know how much they mean to you.

Sue said...

So sorry you have to sell your horses. I know how much they have been a part of you for so long.

Janell said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind remarks. I hope I can find good homes for them.