Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doug, the Dog:

A/K/A: The Mighty Haybale Climber.

Actually, it's more of a leap for him than a climb.
He must like this point of view because he gets up there a lot.


Cliff said...

Your're back, Great news. The dog looks like the King of The Hill. I'll bet he can see a lot better from up there.

Jim said...

Hi Janell ~~ Doug is a nice looking dog. Besides the point of view he feels like he is in command of your place from up there.

Nice to see you post, thank you for the visit and your nice comment. I hope you are doing well. Day off today?

Our dog on the farm, Duke, loved to sit on the haystack fairly close to the middle of the big yard. We didn't do bales way back then.

Duke had my grandpa H. buffaloed to stay in his car when no one else was home. Grandpa was our landlord, grandfather, and like one of the immediate family. But not for Duke if we were all gone someplace.

Tina, said...

Doug the Dog, I love it! He is in controll! LOL

Ralph said...

Glad you back. It's been a while.

Paul Nichols said...

Hi Janell.
I was trying and trying to post on your Heartland Photos, but I couldn't for some reason(s). Anyway, really nice photos. We had a spectacular sunrise yestiddy, but no camera around to catch it.

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