Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For Jim
Alder Grove School
Craig, Burt County, NE

We drove past here on our way to making our cemetery visits on Memorial Day and I remembered that you (Jim) said you attended 4-H meetings here. So we stopped and took these snapshots for you. I almost forgot about them until I read your Falshback Friday blogpost about school - which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be posting a flashback of my own some time soon. Where does the time go?



Jim said...

Thank you very much, Janell. I went on line and never did find a picture of the Alder Grove School.

My cousin, Jean, taught there while I was going to New England those two years. I will send her the link.

Ralph said...

Good picture Janell. Is it still a functioning school?

Rachel said...

I just came from commenting on Jim's blog and I was saying how the time flies by!

Great pictures!