Monday, September 14, 2009

Not long ago, someone commented to me that I’m “always busy.” It made me wonder what “not busy” would look like in my life.

I wouldn’t be so busy if….

…I didn’t have a Bible to read the first thing every morning.

…I didn’t have a devoted husband to spend weekend days with.

….I didn’t have a daughter to help get settled in a new apartment.

… I didn’t have a son to talk things over with.

…I didn’t have two horses to ride… feed… water… clean up after… how sad would that be?

… I didn’t have Bible verses to memorize.

… I didn’t have a precious friend who sends me her newly published books to read.

… I didn’t have a brother who is glad to see me when ever I drop in.

… I didn’t have sisters, nieces and nephews to blog-visit.

… I had no flowers to water.

… I didn’t have a friend giving me excess tomatoes from his garden to can.

… I didn’t have blog buddies to keep up with.

… I didn’t have a job to keep me occupied Monday through Friday.

… I didn’t have a new recipe to try.

… I didn’t have a quilt to finish.

… I didn’t have a camera and images to make with it.

… I didn’t have awesome music cd’s to listen to.

… I didn’t have a good church to attend and a great preacher to listen to.

… I wasn’t singing with a Gospel Quartet.

And since I am not ready to give any of those things up, I guess I’ll be content to be busy.

And that’s all I can think of right now.

What would “not busy” look like for you?


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Being busy is good -- especially if part of being busy is using time to be grateful for the kinds of things you have listed.

Janell said...

Thank you, Elizabeth and welcome to OSM!

Jim said...

I know now why I am so busy. But it seems that you are busier than I ever could be. :-)
You are one busy lady!

nora said...

I feel the same way - there is nothing I do that I'd want to give up. Except maybe for housework, but I tend to be pretty liberal with my dusting standards.

Sue said...

Not busy would be boring. Although I would like to skip things like dusting and vaccuumming. These things are easier to put off than mowing the lawn.

Cliff said...

Great post J. Don't change a thing. Your life sounds perfect.

Myrnagj said...

I don't think I've ever heard of not busy....

Cliff said...

C'mon, no one is that busy. Post something.