Saturday, May 30, 2009

My grandniece, Kendra, who blogs over at Nerd's Corner made the neatest video for a class. She is in 7th grade. Her mom is my niece, cdroses, who pops in here and leaves a comment once in a while. Kendra's grandma is my sister, Sue

Kendra's video is here. It takes about 4 minutes to watch.

Grab a kleenex.

PS, Cliff and Paul; I fixed the link to Nerd's Corner.


Cliff said...

First of all, If you ever worried about Kendra, you can stop that now. Great video.
Is her link to nerds corner correct? I got a blog in a dialect unknown to me.
AND most of all congrats to All of you and especially Emily. What an honor. You had to have shed a few tears that day. A beautiful day for sure.

Paul Nichols said...

I'm with Cliff. We think the live link to Nerds Corner needs some updating.

Pero muchas congratulaciones a sus escribatora nueva!

Writers are cool.

Janell said...

Thanks, guys. I fixed the link now.

And thanks for your congratses. I'll send them on to Emily.

Rachel said...

Congratulations to Emily!!!

I watched the video and it was great! Well done Kendra!!

Jim said...

Looks good. I am sure she got an excellent grade for making it.
My granddaughter made (Karen helped) a video of her and her rocket and wanted me to put it on my YouTube (Jim1Jim1).
The YouTube cops took the audio off as it was a copyrighted song. I hope she used from the 'permitted' library songs of her video making machine company or some day hers will be gone too.

Marla said...

Kendra did a great job on the video! Potential talent for an upcoming career?!?