Sunday, May 03, 2009

Moving right along....

...or not

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been posting.

Well I'll tell you...

...I don't know...

Time just gets away from me.

Anyway, following are photos of my latest project: my container garden.

I started with some livestock mineral containers that my landlord very graciously gave me. Randy helped me drill some holes in it for drainage.

Then, we added rocks.
I don't know why, but all the research said to add a layer of rocks. On top of the rocks, I put a layer of horse manure (I have an infinite supply), and then some top soil I bought at the garden center. I figured, purchased top soil would probably be weed-free. Also, it was on sale 4 bags for 5 bucks.

Our cat, Goldie a/k/a Mr. Gold wanted to help with the chicken wire I used to keep the rabbits out of my containers.

I planted gold tomatoes, red tomatoes, tomatillos, jalopenos and green bell peppers. I saved one container for an eggplant and will get that in as soon as the eggplant bedding plants arrive at my garden center.

We put down some landscape fabric for weed control and sat the containers up on "rails" for adequate drainage.

And there you have it: My Container Garden, thoroughly inspected by Mr. Gold.

So... what have you all been up to?


Paul Nichols said...

Well, now. I'm gonna try that. Last year the neighborhood squirrels had a convention at our place. Not a single fruit or anything left for us to eat.

And we love tomatillos. We'll be planting some of those, too.

Say, how do you use tomatillos besides diced up in a salad?

shelbs87 said...

AWW!! Cute kitty!! I want one!

Sue said...

The low temps at night have been hovering in the 30's so I haven't done any planting yet. We did have a landscaper do some work in front of the house. Clean out some old roots, remove one buse, move another and add 3 new ones.

Jim said...

Hey Janell, I like your cat. I'll like the garden too when you get it to growing. When do we eat?
Mrs. Jim and I and Tim are in Brugge Belgium tonight and have been over here since April 22. Will return Thursday.

In the meantime I have done a little blogging, over at Jim's Little P&P Place.

Ralph said...

We haven't planting anything yet. Not flowers or veggies. Maybe next weekend.

Janell said...

Paul; I wreaked some revenge for you - today when I was planting a hill of chukes, I dug up somebody's chestnut stash.

The tomatillo I planted is already blooming, even though it's onyl about six inches tall. Should I pinch that off?

I am hoping to get enough tomatillos to make a goodly batch of salsa verde. When you use them in salads, do you peel them?

Shelbs; Get yer own, Girl!

Sue; Yes, it's a little early to be planting in the ground. But I figured I could get away with it because there is no frost in purchased topsoil.

Jim; we eat when you get here - just give me an hour's warning... and make sure you pick one of my days off.
I knew you were going to Belgium. I know you must be having a great time.

Ralph; this is probably a dumb question, but have you fired up the smoker, yet?

Mary Connealy said...

This makes a nice Ruby Tuesday post, too. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

You are good to go!
I'd like to have a couple of truck loads of that good, homegrown... er, home produced... er, homemade... er, that good manure you've got plenty of.
I'm ready for some good summer veggies!!

I hope you are having a good week so far.


Marla said...

I just cleared out my garden space on Sunday. I hope it doesn't rain much this week so I can plant something on Sunday.

Scarlet said...

Well done. Now that you've taught me something, maybe I'll dig my hands in the dirt and try to grow my own eggplant! :)

Shirley said...

neat way to garden -- weeding will be easier, won't it.

Ralph said...

Hopefully you get a lot of vegetables. Take some to Nelli's Redneck Resturant - we're starving to death over there!!

Janell said...

MAry: Good point! I hadn't thought of that!

JAmie D. Regarding manure; I deliver. Virtual or otherwise!

Marla; You certainly have a hard act to follow with your dad out there, refusing to retire!

Scarlet; Be careful - if you grow your own, the store-bought will never be the same!

Janell said...

Shirley: I am SO disappointed! The store-bought topsoil came fully equipped with weeds! But you're right; it's a lot easier to deal with per container.

Ralph; Research and Development has kept me busy lately.

Cliff said...

Really neat but a bit too organized for this bunch in E Burt co.