Friday, May 23, 2008

Thanks for all the visits and comments, everyone!

You may have guessed by now that I'm offline again with my chronic computer troubles. Looks like it's going to be gone over the weekend as well.

On the other hand, I went to visit Lucy at the trainer's last Sat and I am so proud of her I could BURST! I have pictures to post as soon as I can do this somewhere other than the public library. My time here is limited.

For Memorial Day:
A few years ago, when I was working for a newspaper, I sat across a table at our County Courthouse from a pair of Veterans who had survived the Battle of the Bulge together. I was getting details from them on a local WW II Memorial that was in the planning stages at the time. We were sharing a box of donuts and a pot of coffee. As we visited, I observed that what was left of the hair on their heads was grey and thin and arthritis had left their hands and arms swollen, stiff and gnarly. One of them had been partially disabled by a recent stroke, but both of them spoke with great pride in their fallen comrades and in the difficult task they had undertaken together and achieved over half a century ago. Their friendship and devotion to each other was exemplified in one small gesture: the man who had suffered a stroke suddenly choked lightly on a sip of coffee and a piece of donut, which began to dribble down his chin. His friend, without hesitation, reached over with his own napkin and quietly cleaned off his chin for him, without even interuppting our conversation.

God bless our Troops, past and present!


Ralph said...

That is a great Memorial day story! Good luck with computer.

Mary Connealy said...

perfect Memorial Day story, Janell and maybe perfect reminder that, annoying as life can be, from recalcitrant computers to the weather, we live in the best country on earth and we've got it pretty good.

Shirley said...

Great story for this Memorial Day.

And did you see the news articles about the WWII Vets going to D.C. this week to see the new WWII monument? That would have to be something to witness those groups of vets viewing that.

Cliff said...

Not a better post on the net Janell. You hit it on the nose here. Thank you!

Jim said...

You have a cute tale there, Janell. Soon several of us will be there, I just hope I am still able to blog then.

One of our neighbors horses is down pretty bad. At first the diagnosis was EPM and all A&M vet school was helping 'Classy.'
Now they think it isn't that but rather boutulism.
And the vets are still hanging around full time!
Both diseases are transmitted to horses from possums.

Happy holidy, even in the dark cyberwise.

Brooke said...

Nice story! I hope you getting your computer back up and running. Mine is back and running great!

Jamie Dawn said...

What a touching story. It shows the love and close connection our troops have for one another.

I hope your computer woes get fixed soon. I know how frustrating that can be.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.
I honor and appreciate all who have served our nation.
God bring us victory in our current battlefronts and bring our troops home to a grateful nation.

Scarlet said...

What a great story about sticking together 'til the end. Have a wonderful long weekend, and I hope you get those computer problems solved once and for all.

Jamie Dawn said...

I wish you computer health.


LaDawn said...

No substitution for bravery and friendship. NB: Troops from other countries are fighting just as bravely and forming the bonds of war. I hope for the day we live in a world where diplomacy and peace is considered the measure of greatness and not the battered damaged soldiers.