Saturday, May 03, 2008

Economy shows resilience; jobless rate falls as dollar rises - Bad News for Democrat Party..
Interesting Headline? I think so! I obviously added the last piece to this AP Story. I never really believed all the hyped negativity out there, and this is now proof that it was hype. Am I saying everything is perfect... NO!
But if you read these stories, it would have you believe the stock market crashed, unemployment is at 25%, half of America is in a soupline and that the dollar is worthless. What's good for America is bad for the democratic party (Quoting El-Rushbo on that one).

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Have a great weekend everyone, assuming you don't spend it in a soupline and have to make a choice between medicine and eating dogfood.


Jim said...

What is good for America is to fix our dollar. The current (Bush) administration has been asleep at the wheel.
Of course the Arabs want their money's worth for the oil, whatever the dollar is worth. The less the dollar is worth the more we have to pay.
That is simple economics, where is Clinton when we need him!
Janell, I hope you are doing good and not overworking!

Shirley said...

Have a nice weekend. I'm trying to figure out how to save my retirement fund from ending up in the gas tank. :(

Joe B said...

Agreed, the dollar needs a lot of help, W was asleep at the wheel on this one (as he is on immigration)

Gas is getting higher and higher, but hopefully it levels off soon and makes its usual drop in the fall.

Jamie Dawn said...

I like good news!!
Gas prices are high and food prices are going up.
The housing market is bad in some areas more than others. Houses where we live are selling and new ones are being built.
You are so right when you say that bad news has been played up in a big way. It's as if the news has been saying, "You ARE miserable! Life STINKS for you, even if it doesn't... it does!"
I hope our economy improves. I'd like to pay less for gas. I'd like to hear more good news!

Joe B said...

Oh yeah, and when gas prices do start dropping, and it usually does in the fal, Bush will be blamed for manipulating the prices.

Mary Connealy said...

A tidbit of wisdom from Warren Buffet that I probably don't understand.

"When other people get greedy, I get scared. When other people get scared, I get greedy."

Janell said...

And speaking of making choices… The other day I waited on a young woman who looked like she had just stepped out of the pages of Cosmo Magazine. Her hair was immaculately styled, dyed, tinted and highlighted perfectly. Her makeup was flawless. She had gold rings in her nose, lip, eyebrow, and several in both ears right below the diamond studs. Her professionally designed and painted nails were a portrait of perfection. She took a call on her cell phone while I was scanning her groceries. As I was handing her the receipt, she said to the friend who was with her, “My new tattoo itches. I’d forgotten how irritating that is.”

She paid for her groceries with Food Stamps.

No, I’m not kidding.

Now, folks; I am seriously in favor of helping out someone who is tragically down and out, until they can get their groove back. And I don’t object one iota to assistance for anyone who is disabled – I don’t want anyone to have to choose between medicine and food. But I’ll be darned if I can be cheerful about helping buy food for someone who chooses tattoos and body piercings over groceries. What’s wrong with this picture?!?!?!

My opinion is that restrictions need to be put on the Food Stamp Entitlements. And btw, why to they call it “Entitlements?” The Constitution doesn’t ENTITLE me to food (pop, potato ships, frozen dinners, etc…) it entitles me to pursue the employment available to me to earn what I want in order to buy what I want to eat, pierce, dye, tattoo or otherwise embellish. Federal and State assistance should cover only needs – not “wants.”

And I should also confess that I have a tattoo and my ears are pierced. However, I was not on Food stamps when I got those done.

Shirley said...

Soooo -- should we pray for this customer, too?

Joe B said...

Shirley, Let's just pray that she get's off of foodstamps (although not likely). She is definitely one of the folks we consider to be officially in poverty with a cell phone by the way.