Saturday, January 12, 2008


Long ago, when both our daughters were small, my sister Shirey (who blogs at Shirley Midtown) gave us little girl hand-me-downs, because my daughter was smaller than her’s by a year or so. The tradition continued through the years (and has to this day, even though our daughters are now in their 20s), but I’ll never forget a remark she made once that hurt me more than I’m sure she intended it to. She handed over a big bag of hand-me-downs and said, “I had some other stuff to get rid of, but it was so old and in such bad shape, not even you would have wanted it, so I threw it away.”
Ouch. But, being the resilient Redneck that I am, I shrugged it off.
Last Sunday, one of my nieces (Lisa) got even for me.
Four of us were in the kitchen washing and drying dishes and Lisa asked, “So, what’s new with everybody?”
“Well,” Shirey said, “We have some new friends.”
“Cool” Lisa said, “How do you make new friends when you get that old?”


Shirley said...

Now you made that sound like I meant it to be a mean remark.
Lisa's was pretty good, though.

Jim said...

You know, Janell, it isn't easy to make friends when you are that old, I know.
Your snow came early, I thought it snowed on Saturdays up there.

Also, I have really slowed down on blogging. We, and especially me, have been really busy. I may slow down some next week, after we run to Houston to take care of car things. Maybe in another week?

Anyway, the last was to lead up to say thank you for reading my crumby post on Spice Girls worst dressed. You, Cliff, and Lori.
Sooo, I'm reading you guys first, only, and for sure tonight.

Jamie Dawn said...

Leave it to the kids to really come up with the ZINGERS!!
It's a wonder any of us OLD people, who are over 40, can do anything new at all. How do we manage to even get up each day??!! It's a mystery.
Lisa really did get back at your sister for you, and she didn't even MEAN to!!
What Shirley meant to say was "Sis, your standards are pretty low, but some of those clothes were even LOWER than YOUR standards of hitoniousness!"

Shirley said...

I remember now -- I don't think I said "even you wouldn't want it," I'm sure it was "you wouldn't even want it." Big difference.

Joe B said...

Ouch.. that was funny.

You shouldn't feel bad about the clothes. No one is too good for hand me downs. My wife's friends just gave us a huge bag of clothes for Little Joe. Heather is not too proud to accept them.

Once little Joe goes through them, we'll probably donate them.

Joe B said...

Janell, I am a new friend you recently made by the way...

Janell said...

Shirley; I didn't think you intended it to be mean, but that's the way it came out and my memory of it is different than your's.

Jim; Yes, our snow schedule seems to have shifted a bit from weekends to weekdays, which wouldn't be bad if only it would melt a little in between times! And as far as Posh Spice is concerned, I would gladly accept the worst dressed designation if I could look that good when I was dressed badly!

JD; You're right, it's a wonder we can drag ourselves around anymore, being wa-a-a-y over 40! I had a lot of trouble waking up this morning!

Joe - yes you are a new friend and a great one at that! The blogosphere has opened up a whole new world to me. I like it. Kids' clothes just HAVE to be recycled. Children grow so fast, they don't have time to wear anytghing out!

Mary Connealy said...

I found this site today and I loved it. Full of inspirational quotes.

Don't try and read it all, it's long. But it's really compelling to read all these words of wisdom.

Janell said...

Thanks, Mary!

LaDawn said...

We hand down all our clothes.

Sebastian inherited loads of his clothes from his cousins Tristan, Trevor and Garrison (George's boys). I then handed them down to other friends.

Abigail inherited hand me downs from Audrey (Stephanie's daughter) and we have handed those down to the neighbour girl.

What is weird is when Steph sees photos of other children she doesn't know wearing Audrey's clothes!

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Cliff said...

Now that right there is funny. Good one.
No one ever wants my clothes. Well unless you count the stuff that I sell to Fremont Tent and Awning.

Jamie Dawn said...