Friday, January 18, 2008


All Blogospherians who visit here are invited to my place on the 26th of July. And I do mean my actual home, not this virtual one. Blogospherians from far far away (Colorado and England to begin with. And maybe Chicago – Joe? California – Myrna?) will be in the neighborhood and we are gonna kill the “fatted calf” and the “old red rooster when she comes…” Okay, never mind. They’ll already be dead when we bring them home from the store.

We’ll be firing up the grill and Sue promised peanut butter bars. The rest of you go visit Nellis Redneck Restaurant (link at left) and pick your heart’s desire from the menus, and we’ll see what we can do. We’d appreciate a head count as soon as you can get it to us.

We’ll pick up all the trash, mow the yard, wash the dishes and vacuum. Heck, we might even empty the manure spreader before you all get here.

Can’t wait!


Cliff said...

I'll bet we can make it Janell.

Don't forget Blogstock.

LaDawn said...

My family of 4 will be there from England and I will be bringing my father and stepmother from Missouri. So that's 6 of us. What can we bring?

Brooke said...

As of right now the 5 of us will be there. When it gets closer I will let you know for sure how many and what we can bring!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'll be going to Blogstock '08, but then heading out after that. Awww shucks!! I'd love to partake of the good eats and good times, but I guess it's not to be.
Your gathering will be mighty fine, I'm sure!!!
I will have to experience it virtually when you post photos and verbage about the shindig.

Janell said...

Cliff and JD - I'm looking forward to seeing you both at Blogstock, along with the rest of the gang.

LDCP; Why don't you bring us some good tea?

Brooke; sounds great!

JD; I can't figure out why you wouldn't want to hang out in Nebraska for a whole month? :) Don't worry, tho. We'll publish a full report.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I dont know....I think Cliff might have a meltdown if i dont go see him..haha

Janell said...

FFM; You are probably right! I'll see you there.

cdroses said...

In case you missed my post on Gatewood Family News...The girls and I will be there. Unless you ban the girls completely from your home, after their stay in June! :)

Joe B said...

Don't count me out. I may surprise you and show up at your door step... Will send you a separate e-mail.

Sorry for my absence, yet again. No Internet at home yet and had to go to Pureto Rico all this week for work.