Monday, July 02, 2007

What a NICE weekend we had here – moderate temps and low humidity. So comfortable. Bubba & I had a nice ride Saturday afternoon with our saddle club. We rode along the banks of the Missouri River. There were several sandbar parties going on and lots of motorboats, speedboats and one big barge, who blew his foghorn for us. After the ride, we had potluck picnic.
On the 4th, we are going to ride in the parade at Tekamah, maybe against my better judgment. Last time we tried that one, the firecrackers going off everywhere made him SO jumpy, but my friend Renee talked me into trying it again. We even bought matching shirts and a big red, white & blue bow to put on the horse’s tail. Wish me luck!
I can’t believe how quickly June went by. I must insist that the earth spin more slowly and slow its orbit down for the remainder of the summer so that the rest of the season doesn’t fly by so quickly.
I’ve heard that several people have come down with an awful stomach flu in the past few days. Even though I do not have time for that sort of thing, I am beginning to feel a little strange: not much appetite (very unusual for me) and a little light headed. I might also attribute that to caffeine withdrawal as I have decided to get off that stuff again (for about the fifth time). I’m down to about 3 ounces of coffee in the morning and no more the rest of the day. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll start skipping that, too. I like to taper off to avoid the headache.
Last week, I learned that no matter how irritating something is, it can always get worse. Next time I have to go to the county courthouse and stand in line to get my driver’s license renewed or license plate tags, I promise not to complain. On Friday, I had to go in and get tags renewed for eighteen (count’em – 18) vehicles for TST. So that means insurance cards for each one, the little postcard the county sends out, proof that we paid our heavy highway use tax and a check for about $3800. The girls at the Treasurer’s office were good, though. As soon as someone got finished with another customer, they stepped in to help the lady who was doing my paperwork. They all stayed fairly cheerful throughout the process, but I’m not sure the people in line behind me did the same. I didn’t hang around to find out.


Sue said...

I can relate to the courthouse trip. Wanting to keep money in the bank account as long as possible, CF waits until the last week of December to renew dealer plates. Only one insurance card is required, but a lot of registrations are typed. I have gotten smart. I take a book to read while the unlucky clerk is doing all the typing.

Shirley said...

1. Why give up caffine now? The latest research says it's not bad for you and could be good in some cases -- one having to do with warding off alz.

2. I don't have to stand in that line anymore -- I send the guy who lives here and takes care of the household. He tells me there isn't really much of wait anymore since the computers are so much more efficient.

Mary Connealy said...

Can't you pay this through the mail, Janell? Then they'll send you the tags in the mail? I think we do that and we have about oh...ten maybe...vehicles, just on our farm. pick-ups, cars, cattle trailers, boat trailers, maybe some other stuff. I thought you could just mail them a check and maybe photo copies of the proof of insurance (or phone your insurance guy and get duplicates, we've done that when we've lost a proof of insurance card and they're very accomodating. Then await the tags. This gives THEM the freedom to handle this during down times, plus of course it saves your sanity.
Maybe this is ... property tax or personal property tax rather than vehicle tax. I'm not sure.