Monday, July 30, 2007

Carson picnic 07 (Pictures coming in a couple days)

I nominate the following:

Sandy for Most Fun Auntie for all the time she spent playing with the youngsters.

Carson & Creighton for being the Sweetest Twins EVER! I always enjoy the pictures of them on the blog, but to see them in action and hear their voices (“Mommy can I go out now?”) is a whole new point of view. I know it was a long drive for the family, but I sure appreciated the personal contact!

Smitty for best storyteller.

Tom for his first appearance in over 20 (?) years.

Mary for showing up with a great attitude in spite of a one-day-old broken arm.

Elaine for best smile when face to face with a camera.

Audrey and Bayley for best playmates.

Dale & Jeanette for best hosts.

Pam & Denise for Best Sister Act.

Karen for venturing out in her new wheelchair, in spite of being unfamiliar with the controls; good thing that beeper works!

Marion for having the will power to save room in her stomach for the birthday party she was going to after the picnic.

Stephanie for smallest stature with the biggest personality.

The rest of us get honorable mention for being such great cooks.

It was a great day.


LaDawn said...

Sandy has always been my favourite Auntie!

C&C are my favourite twins!

Elaine has an amazing smile.

And I have always loved the way my dad tells a story. My husband, Marc, can do a really good Smitty imitation and tell a story just like him! Well, not quite as good but almost.

So wish we had been there and I'm looking forward to the cookbook. Did you get many submissions?

Janell said...

Yes, I got a good number and more are trickling in from people who couldn't make it. Brenda said BROOKE would be sending some, but I haven't gotten them yet. Are you out there, Brooke?

Brooke said...

Yes I am out here. I need an email to send them to. I have them on my email just need to forward them to you.

Pam W said...

I sure do feel special today to see my name in your post! Nice to see you at the picnic. Sorry we didn't get to visit always seems to go too fast & I never get to talk to everyone I wanted to.

Can't figure out who the Tom is that you're talking about? Should I know him?

All the food was awesome! Your stuffed grape leaves were quite yummy!

Anxsiously waiting for those pics!

Janell said...

Pam - Tom Thomas, I think his mom is Connie.

LaDawn said...

Oh made the grape leaves for the picnic? I am sooooo bumming!