Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Critters in B & W
I discovered a roll of film that hadn't been developed yet. These were taken in the fall & winter of '09.

Taken through my bedroom window-
This fellow was wandering around in our back yard. Jack says it's a woodchuck:

Taken through an unpstairs window-
Squirrelly snack time:

Through my kitchen window-
This hungry fellow was eating pine needles off the snow in our back yard last winter:

Didn't have to shoot this one through a window. This is Little Girl:


Tina, said...

How much wood did the wood chuck, chuck?

Poor bunny, looks so cold.

Great pic of Little Girl! :0)

Janell said...

He didn't chuck any wood - i think he might have been looking for a place to go to the bathroom.... or not...

Jim said...

I've never seen a woodchuck. I think they are pretty mean when they get to chucking wood.

I like all your animals, Janell. Isn't it nice to find old pictures that you took yourself! The cat is coming down very tenderly.

Rachel said...

Great photos Janell! We always called the
woodchucks, "groundhogs." I think they are the same critters!