Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is this a great summer or what!?!

On Independence Day, I got to see two parades; one at 10 Am and the other at 5:30 PM. What fun!

And then, last weekend, I went to a rodeo on Saturday and was in a parade (with my grocery store float) on Sunday afternoon. When I got home on Sunday, my son Jack carved some time out of his busy schedule to go horseback riding with me.

Could it have been any better?!

Well, yes.

Earlier in the week, I had ordered a couple of items online and was looking for them to arrive on Friday. I wasn’t very surprised to see the UPS man pull into my driveway on Monday.

Well, guess what.

Give up?

He brought me my very own copy of Montana Rose by Mary Connealy along with a note that it was sent to me by request of the author. What a wonderful surprise! Mary is a lifelong friend of mine and this is her 4th book to be published. You can learn more about her by going here or here.

The perfect Midwest summer weekend.

Yes, I took pictures. Maybe I’ll get them posted tomorrow.


Rachel said...

What fun Janell!! I know you recall last year's parade and float!! I sure do!

A rodeo and horseback riding with your son! Fun, fun, fun!!

The book sounds great. I'll have to check out her work.

Jim said...

Janell, you do keep busy! Maybe the pictures will be on the Midwest Messenger first?

Cliff said...

Life is good...Eh Janell??
Keep on havin a blast.

Marla said...

Glad that you are having a great summer and having some fun. Missed you at the Carson Picnic!

Jamie Dawn said...

You've not been blogging much, and neither have I.
Summer time is busy time.
Your July 4th sounds like it was great!
Parades and horse back riding with your son... that is just terrific!
I hope your summer is going well and that you are enjoying lots of good times with family and friends.
I bet you've already read that book. I hope it was a goodie.