Thursday, July 24, 2008

From Joe:

Just Catching Up...

Hello everyone, I went on one of my disappearing trips. I've been reading but not posting... So I thought I'd do a quick catch up post.

1. I am working on Part II of "How I got my cushy Job". Almost done, will hopefully post soon.

2. Finished up the 3 weeks in Basingstoke. Had a blast. Had dinner and lunch with LaDawn and family (apparently I had more fun than she did). I even saw some protesters just outside of Parliament (see pic... he he).

3. Went to Sarasota for a weddig at the end of June

4. Enjoyed 4th of July, posted the star spangled banner. 4th of July weekend was my first weekend home this summer.

5. Went to visit Stonehenge and Hardrock Cafe London.

Thought I'd post a few pics from the trip. I know one of them you wlll get a kickout of!


Janell said...

Hey Joe!
Great to hear from you again!
I loved your pictures. Heather has such a beautiful smile.

If you had taken two steps closer to the camera, you might have made Stone Henge look like your hat. Maybe you can do that at Carhenge.

And aren't you a rascal!

Where are you off to next? Don't you have an office in Nebraska that needs attention?

Scarlet said...

Great pics! I love the Hardrock Cafe London!!