Monday, June 18, 2007

It’s a Gatewood thing

A “good time was had by all!” at the 2007 reunion of the Descendants of Joel and Almina Gatewood at Platte River State Park near Lousville, Nebraska. There were a few more grey hairs than when we met in 2005, but that’s life on the green side of the grass.
Aunt Grace at 93 was the oldest attendee and Shae Johnston at age 3 was the youngest. Myrna got the prize for logging the most miles on her journey (or should I say odyssey?) to attend.

My cousin Paul D. (that’s what we always called him – I’m not trying to be vague about his name! Sharon, his wife calls him PD and the way she says it sounds like “Petey.” But I digress.) Paul D. related a new story to me. He recalled how my dad used to sit in a chair: we both remembered he always sat leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, and his fingers intertwined or one hand holding a cigarette, head down, looking at the floor – until he had something to say or something to laugh about. Then his head would come up until he finished talking or laughing and then he’d resume his usual position. It must have felt comfortable to him to sit that way.
Well, Grandpa TW had a brother named Eugene who moved away from Nebraska at a young age and spent the rest of his life in Minnesota. At some point, Paul D. and his family went to visit them and met his 3-4 sons. One of the sons, Paul D. said, not only looked a lot like Dad, but sat exactly like Dad did – leaning forward, elbows on the knees, head down looking at the floor. He also mentioned the other two brothers looked a lot like two of Great Grandpa Joel’s brothers; Isaac and Shannon. But it was the similar mannerisms between Dad and the cousin he’d never met that really impressed Paul D.

There were several second cousins who were unable to attend this year’s reunion due to baseball and softball games. I think our cousins Ray, Dale, and Joe would definitely understand that. The three brothers; sons of Joel Jr. and Lucille Gatewood, were locally famous as great baseball players in their younger years. Ray and Dale, now watching from Heaven, were probably following the progress of the baseball games instead of haunting the rest of us as we stuffed ourselves silly at the picnic!

I picked up several articles and such that I will be sharing here throughout the week. And pictures, too as soon as I can.

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You gave me an idea for a post about my dad and grandfather! Thanks!