Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Famous Barn: Part II

There is a new version of the Roberts Dairy Commercial circulating. (See the Jauary 18, 2007 post if you need more details).
This time, the actress appears with two children and she says to the cow, “You make us feel so PEPPY!” Again, at the end, (after she asks the cow for an autograph) you get a lovely shot of the landscape behind the cow, which features my wonderful barn along with the rest of our place.
With all this attention, I feel almost obligated to buy Robert’s Dairy products instead of the cheaper store brands.


LaDawn said...

Came up with a solution here. next time it is on telly, video record it then load this up on to YouTube. Is this a little crazy?

PS I love the comments you leave on my blog. I feel like you are the lone commentator. Maybe you and I are the only souls in the whole wide world connecting. C'est la vie!

Janell said...

We keep a cassette tape in the vcr ready to go, but my timing is WAY off and haven't been able to catch it on tape yet. We'll keep trying.
I always enjoy our mutual blog visits - it's like having a penpal only more instantaneous.

Anonymous said...

please contact me - I work for the firm that did those commercials and will gladly send you a copy of them. Just let me know your requested format! katbron@gmail.com