Friday, December 08, 2006

Another poem by Janell:

“Lost Head Start”
In the darkness of the morning when the moon is sinking low
And over in the eastern sky the sun has yet to glow,
The dewy fresh of nighttime rest is hanging in the air
It’s a moment brief and precious sans the world and all its care.

With the stars and planets twinkling close enough, it seems, to touch
You think “This day is one in which I can accomplish much.”
You think you might just get things done, and do them right, not wrong.
Or get around to starting stuff you’ve put off way too long.
And so you start to make a list of stuff inside your head
Stuff you’d like to get around to someday soon – before you’re dead.

And then the eastern sky begins to give a faint pink glow
And you hear a truckers engine whine on the blacktop way below
The waking of the world sets off a pang inside your heart
It makes you want to quit because you’ve lost your great head start.

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